First of all I want to say sorry for the extremely crappy quality of the photos... I had to take them with my phone.. But I just really want to share this DIY with you! So I had to choose, not showing, or showing bad quality pictures.. I choose the last option.. Because I think you might like this DIY!

I've turned my boring parka jacket into a parka jacket with leather sleeves, and I'm very pleased with the result. So now I'm gonna tell you how you can do this!
What you need:
- Jacket 
- (Leather) fabric for the new sleeves
- Sewing machine
- Thread and scissor

This is the jacket before I did anything to it. What you have to do is..
1 Remove the sleeves from the jacket. You can just cut the thread in the seem of the sleeves! When you have done that you have a sleeveless vest. 

2 Then you have to measure the sleeves from the parka on the (leather) fabric. Just measure the exact shape of the sleeves from the jacket on to the fabric. (you can use a pen to draw a line around the sleeve)

3 Then you just have to cut the sleeves out of the fabric and sew them into the jacket. That's all!

I'm very pleased with the result and I know I'll be wearing this jacket a lot more now then I did before  :)
Hope you like this DIY!! And hope my explanation was clear.

Will show the jacket in an outfitpost very soon :)
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