Outfitpost for today! Enjoy :)
Photos by Lian - VirtualFashionView

Top Primark | Jeans Only | Shoes Primark | Cuff H&M | Sunglasses H&M
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A trend I see a lot lately is the tie dye trend. I really like the tie dye technique on a jeans or shirt. This outfit with tie dye jeans I would really like to wear! Think I must need a tie dye jeans soon! Maybe I'm going do a DIY about how you can make a jeans like this yourself. The shoes you see in this outfit are from Zara and they are sooo amazing! I'm searching for the perfect strappy sandals for a while now, and I think this ones are close to perfect! Have to have them! :) What do you think about this outfit? Like the tie dye trend?
Biker Jacket Topshop | Tie Dye Jeans Mango | Black Shirt Topshop | Shoes Zara | Sunglasses H&M | Fringe Bag Zara 
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A few days ago I was wearing my DIY jacket for the first time! Combined it with a black jeans and grey ankle boots. What do you think about the jacket? I'm pretty happy how it turned out :)
Also wearing my sunglasses from H&M and a white tee. 
Hope u have a great Sunday!!
Photos by Lian - VirtualFashionView

Leather Sleeves Jacket DIY | Black Jeans H&M | Ankle Boots Divino | White Tee H&M | Sunglasses H&M | Cuff Ydeltuyt
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Did some budget, budget shopping at Primark a few days ago. Bought some nice basic items for spring, a new bag and some great new summer shoes! I'm very happy with my new orange babys! Maybe not the color you would expect from me, but I was ready for some color in my wardrobe. Think I'll be wearing these a lot this summer! Will show them in an outfitpost soon. 
What do you think about my new items?

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The weather in Holland is great at the moment, that makes me totally get into the summervibe. I did some online shopping and was looking for some great new bikinis to wear this summer. Maybe I'm a bit in a rush to shop a new bikini, but just want to share my favorites with you. As well for bikinis I like the basic colors and styles. The multi colored bikinis are not really my thing.. What do you think about these bikinis? They are all from Nelly.com

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Todays outfit! Was wearing just a basic outfit with jeans, a basic tee and my leather (spring) jacket. Actually this kind of outfits are my favorite.  Love that I can wear my spring jacket again, without freezing my ass off! Love spring! :) Makes me so happy! (said that a 100 times before) can't say it enough! :)
What do you think about basic outfits like this?
Photos by Lian - VirtualFashionView

 Leather Jacket H&M | Basic White Tee H&M | Jeans H&M | Shoes Primark | Clutch DIY | Cuff Ydeltuyt
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Outfitpost for today! Enjoy :)
Photos by Lian - VirtualFashionView

Parka Jacket Vintage | Black Jeans H&M | White Tee Primark | Shoes Unknown | Bag Wholesaledress | Bracelets DIY | Cuff Ydeltuyt



First of all I want to say sorry for the extremely crappy quality of the photos... I had to take them with my phone.. But I just really want to share this DIY with you! So I had to choose, not showing, or showing bad quality pictures.. I choose the last option.. Because I think you might like this DIY!

I've turned my boring parka jacket into a parka jacket with leather sleeves, and I'm very pleased with the result. So now I'm gonna tell you how you can do this!
What you need:
- Jacket 
- (Leather) fabric for the new sleeves
- Sewing machine
- Thread and scissor

This is the jacket before I did anything to it. What you have to do is..
1 Remove the sleeves from the jacket. You can just cut the thread in the seem of the sleeves! When you have done that you have a sleeveless vest. 

2 Then you have to measure the sleeves from the parka on the (leather) fabric. Just measure the exact shape of the sleeves from the jacket on to the fabric. (you can use a pen to draw a line around the sleeve)

3 Then you just have to cut the sleeves out of the fabric and sew them into the jacket. That's all!

I'm very pleased with the result and I know I'll be wearing this jacket a lot more now then I did before  :)
Hope you like this DIY!! And hope my explanation was clear.

Will show the jacket in an outfitpost very soon :)



Felt like the first day of spring yesterday! Could it be every day like that? :) Makes me so happy! This weather makes it so much more fun to shoot outfitpictures! Walking around and looking for great spots to shoot  some pictures, so nice when the sun is shining. 
 I think it's time to do some spring shopping, buy some nice pastel colored clothing in stead of black! 
Hope you like it!
Photos by Lian - VirtualFashionView

 Leather Jacket H&M | Blouse H&M | Leggings Only | Shoes Zara | Cuff Ydeltuyt | Bracelets DIY | Sunglasses H&M



We've already seen this trend last year, but I think this spring it will make its comeback. I'm talking about the sweatpants trend. How great is this trend? Look stylish and fashionable and wearing the most comfy pants ever at the same time. I think it's the best ;) I just love wearing my sweatpants when I'm chilling on the couch at home, but I also love wearing it in a fashionable way. I just really have to buy a nice sweatpants. You can wear it with heels to make it more girly, or wear it with sneaker for the totally casual look. I LOVE IT. What do you think? 
Below some great bloggers who rock this trend!

These sweatpants are all from Topshop. How great! When I'm looking for a great trend, Topshop always meets my expectations! Love Topshop! I really like the fifth and sixth one! Which one do you like?



Lately I am a bit obsessed with the bomber jacket. Just found out Topshop has a really great collection of bomber jackets. Really would like to have one of these beauties for spring this year. What do you think, is the bomber jacket replacing the biker jacket?

First and second one from H&M Trend | All others from Topshop

P.S Now something else I want to share with you guys. Maybe you already know, maybe not.. But Google Friend Connect will disappear.. So sad.. Which means if you follow me with Google Friend Connect you will be no longer updated on my posts.. So if you want to stay updated on my posts you can follow me with Bloglovin :)
You would make me very happy if u do :)



Just a casual outfit for today. Perfect for a Sunday. Wearing my new cap from H&M, really nice to edge up a casual outfit like this. 
Looks like spring has finally arrived today!! Makes me so happy, hope the weather stays like this from now on. No more rain, no more cold, wearing sunglasses every day, would make me the happiest girl alive! ;) What about you?

Cap H&M | Leather jacket Zara | Tee Supertrash | Jeans H&M | Shoes Unknown | Bag Wholesaledress



Oh I love DIY sooo much! I really like to make things myself and be creative! So I was very glad when I found this cool DIY online :) Made these bracelets a few days ago and I actually really like the results (I'm wearing one of these in my last outfitpost). I've made these bracelets from hardware and chains that I've bought at the hardwarestore! For only 10 euros you can make these cute bracelets. You can use different materials and colors of course. I used rope and leather. You can find the link of these cool DIY tutorials below the pictures if you like to make them yourself :) 

Found all these DIY at ispydiy.com, a great site for DIY! If u like DIY you really should take a look!

Bracelet 1Bracelet 2 and 3 (are the same but made with different materials) | Bracelet 4



Today's outfit! Was wearing my new white jeans with my new Zara shoes, yeah! I really like them a lot but I was a bit disappointed with the way they fit. But there are no excuses not to wear these beauties! Combined it with a basic black tee and my leather jacket from Zara. Also wearing my DIY clutch and bracelet. Enjoy :)

Leather Jacket Zara | Tee H&M | White Jeans Unknown | Shoes Zara | Clutch & Bracelet DIY
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