We've already seen this trend last year, but I think this spring it will make its comeback. I'm talking about the sweatpants trend. How great is this trend? Look stylish and fashionable and wearing the most comfy pants ever at the same time. I think it's the best ;) I just love wearing my sweatpants when I'm chilling on the couch at home, but I also love wearing it in a fashionable way. I just really have to buy a nice sweatpants. You can wear it with heels to make it more girly, or wear it with sneaker for the totally casual look. I LOVE IT. What do you think? 
Below some great bloggers who rock this trend!

These sweatpants are all from Topshop. How great! When I'm looking for a great trend, Topshop always meets my expectations! Love Topshop! I really like the fifth and sixth one! Which one do you like?
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