Quilted bomber jacket H&M | Sweater H&M | Jeans Zara | New balance sneakers Spartoo (schoenen), Beanie H&M

At first I was planning to wear these New Balance sneaker from Spartoo schoenen for running.
But when I pulled them on for the first time, they where soo comfy, I could't take them off anymore.
Besides that I actually really like how they look. They give an outfit a whole other look from which I used to wear. And I kinda like that for once in a while! What about you? :)

Photos by Lian - Fashionblog Fashionhoax


  1. I am sorry, but I see nothing interesting or fashion forward in this outfit. This is something you can see on the street-any day or any time. To me this look is not worth a blog post!!!It is plain bad! Bloggers shouldn't be posting just for the sake of posting-if the look or the photographs are not good enough, keep the photos on your computer and wait for a better idea...!
    You have a great style and I hope you will understand that this is not a malicious comment yet simply a disappointment from a reader who expect more from such a quality fashion blogger like yourself.
    My best regards!!!

  2. I totally disagree with Jane! We follow bloggers because we want to see what they wear everyday not just to special occasions or outings! Its nice to see casual and stylish ways to dress up as well as normal days. Just coz shes not wearing heels doesnt mean this isnt worthy of a blog post...


    1. Dear Genya,
      I appreciate and respect your insights and your opinion but I never mentioned that the problem with this outfit is the fact that it is a casual, dressed down look!!!On the contrary, I quite enjoy casual looks as they truly reflect one's ability to style a look that is both stylish and functional. It takes skill and knowledge to create such an outfit, and in my opinion, this look failed in this attempt. To me, these runners do not go well with the rest of the outfit and this look is plain boring-to me at least!If I saw someone on the street wearing this, i would never think they have style yet just randomly threw different pieces of clothes on!I am sure there are many people who will disagree with me but there some that would agree too!I am expressing my opinion because I really like this blog and her style , but I feel she failed in this particular post.
      All the best to you

  3. Ik vind het persoonlijk wel een leuke outfit en het mooie van fashion bloggers is dat ze juist het draagbare laten zien. Enerzijds begrijp ik de comment, anderzijds is het jouw blog en hoort dit ook juist bij jouw stijl. Anyway, ik vind vooral je schoenen erg tof! Beanie staat je ook goed.


  4. Ik vind het wel een leuke outfit, in tegenstelling van de andere meiden die hier boven in het Engels reageren. De schoentjes staan je super en een casual outfit is altijd goed. Je hoeft je hakken niet altijd aan te hebben:)


  5. Pfff... wat een gezanik! Ik vind dit juist supermooi! Gaaf met dat oranje erdoorheen. Weet toevallig dat de bomber van binnen ook oranje is, dus dat vond ik wel een leuk detail ;)




  6. I like wearing Comfortable wedge sneakers every day, they are also fashion statement for ladies.


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